jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

15x15 EXHIBITION 2011


Exposición Colectiva

‎20 artists from Barcelona and outside, both young and established ones, take part in this event. They will represent works in different media, techniques, and styles, but all in the same format - 15 x 15 cm. Paintings, drawings, photograph ...s, collages, and digital art; abstract and figurative; traditional and contemporary - a great eclectic mix of artworks united by the image size.Opening night: July 28, 19:00 - 22:00 Participating artists: Hector Fernandez, Pere Vilardebó Miró, Dilka, Andríi "Baton" Antonovskyi, Vladimir Olenberg, Anja Gimeno, Mònica Castanys, Andrea Bravo, Ana Ivovich, David Chevalier, Galia Voloshchuk, Marina Nikonorova, Jean Harold Hernandez Marcano, Helena Galkina, Sophie Diais, Victoria Arias y Martin Badia, Mariana Rufrano, Joan Carles Pastor, Zoraida Roselló, Kasia Fronczak, Luis Jaume, Violeta Crespo, Oleg Eremkin. Videoart and animation at the opening by Peca & Mono, Yuri Mykhaylychenko, Konstantin Arefyev.Ver más

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